About Our Scheme

The Letting Protection Service Northern Ireland (The LPS Northern Ireland)

The Letting Protection Service Northern Ireland is open to all landlords and letting agents and is free to use. It’s run by the only UK-based company with over 10 years experience of running a similar custodial deposit protection scheme.

Our funds are secured with UK banks, so for safe, secure and straightforward deposit protection, The LPS Northern Ireland is ideal.

Our Principles

The LPS Northern Ireland’s service is based on three key, unwavering principles: Fast, Fair and Secure.

We are committed to delivering a simple, quick and accessible service that allows the protection and reclaim of your deposits 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We work to maximise service standards for our customers, providing answers to enquiries within the shortest possible timescales. Both landlords and tenants can choose to manage their accounts in the way that best suits them – either using our comprehensive, easy-to-use website or by traditional postal methods; from initial registration to the repayment of the deposit. We also offer a dedicated contact centre for phone enquiries. Our service is specifically designed to be an uncomplicated, straightforward process.
The LPS Northern Ireland will be open to all landlords, letting agents and tenants, is completely impartial and is not linked to any industry or trade body. Our free, independent Dispute Resolution Mechanism (DRM) service, will aim to resolve any disputes between landlords and tenants quickly (within 20 working days, once all evidence has been collected) and without the need for court action.
All deposit funds are held in accordance with Financial Conduct Authority client money regulations, which means the funds are strictly segregated from other assets held by Computershare Investor Services PLC (CIS).


Registration is simple and quick - we just ask you for your contact details which you can provide us with either online or over the phone by calling 0330 303 0032. You will then be sent an activation email, once you have activated your account you can begin to submit deposits to be protected by The LPS Northern Ireland.

Join The LPS Northern Ireland now by visiting our online registration page.

Access your online account

Landlords and letting agents can access their online account quickly and easily via our website. Tenants who have received a deposit ID number can also log in to access their tenancy details.

Manage your account

Landlords and agents can go online to:

  • view all the deposits they have safeguarded with The LPS Northern Ireland
  • submit new deposits
  • request the repayment of a deposit at the end of a tenancy
  • make enquiries

Request repayments

Landlords, agents and tenants can all request the repayment of a deposit to the appropriate parties at the end of a tenancy. When one party requests a repayment, the other needs to confirm whether they agree with the proposal, by completing a repayment response form - either online or by post. It is in the best interests of all parties to agree promptly on how the deposit is to be repaid, so that everyone receives the funds due to them quickly and amicably. All deposits are repaid within 5 working days of a fully completed repayment claim.

Internet Browser Support

We recommend the latest vendor supported release of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox (Windows) and Apple Safari internet browsers. In addition to improving your experience with The LPS Northern Ireland, upgrading your browser will provide the latest browser security updates.

Terms and Conditions

You can download a copy of the scheme Terms and Conditions (which includes the DRM rules) which you can print locally.

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